Without your touch

The memory of the countless kisses
We named, described and tasted
Gives me bittersweet pleasure
Just like our lazy Sundays
Under the sheets
Of our love
When your determined mission was to savor me
Over and over again

Yet today
I am forgotten
Like a shooting star
That used to smile brightly at the sky
But had to drift away
In order to grant a wish

The memories of Happy
Nearly thousand days
Of a shared journey
Filled with laughter, music and sentiments
Still fill an empty place in my heart
The good old times
When my devoted calling was to
Make your heart smile

Yet today
I am alone
Like an old tree
Before its final day
Waiting for a gentle breeze to caress
Its bare branches – one last time

The memories of the words
Spoken, written and felt
Still inspire and define me
When we spoke in three languages:
yours, mine and poetry
But the only language necessary
Was the knowing
In our hearts

Yet today
I am nameless
Like an unknown planet
Orbiting and hiding
At the dark fringes of the solar system
Waiting to be found

Without your touch

© Noora

4 thoughts on “Homeless

    1. I had totally forgotten this poem. Thank you for reading and reminding me. This poem could use a little editing though… maybe I’ll re-blog it later. 🙂 Love & inspiration.


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