Together We Are Poetry

You don’t speak
Yet I hear
Every word
From the quickening beat
Of your heart

Your beautiful nakedness
Is a canvas
Under my fingertips

With devoted brushes
Adoring strokes
I cover you up
With my love

Your smooth skin
Is my treasure map
To the hills and pathways
I want to explore
And again

Like a prophet
I want to declare
The timeless mystery
That lies
In your alluring eyes

Let me bathe
In your beauty
And drown
In the depths of you
Again and again

Together we are poetry

© Noora

16 thoughts on “Together We Are Poetry

        1. Thank you for the question, Alex. I think it deserves a blog entry of its own. 🙂

          This is an old poem and written for a special muse I had a privilege to love. She brought poetry into my life and inspired me endlessly. Actually, I set up this blog, because I felt like I needed to release my older work in order to write something new – if that makes any sense.


  1. Liked!!! “Together we are poetry”. I want someone to write me something like that 🙂


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