The Absence

In your absence
I am nothing
But the melancholy
Of unspoken words

Like a forgotten song
Your heart
Used to sing
With a poetic tone

The precious shades
Of our dawn
Turned into the sunset
Of our love
And you vanished
Into the silence

Where I am nothing
But a distant heartbeat
Or even a fading echo

But the melancholy
Of unspoken words
In your absence

© Noora (2012)

Photograph: Teija

17 thoughts on “The Absence

  1. I was going to post something completely different today, but then I found this piece. I don’t think it is completely finished yet, but it doesn’t matter.

    I was working on my project and going through some old poems and notes. “The Absence” was written about year ago and although I’m in a quite good place these days – it made me shed the tears I have shed countless of times before and even some tears I haven’t been able to cry before. So, perhaps it is time to let it fly. I always select each posted poem intuitively.

    I’ll try to get something else posted this week. Happy writing!


  2. I’m a big fan of your sensuous work but this poem spoke to me the most. I can relate to it very much. Does she know about your blog, if you don’t mind me asking a personal question?


      1. Oh yes very! It’s really a gorgeous photo. Glad you have someone as awesome as that 😀 Your welcome as well! Hope you have a great day 🙂


  3. Hidden in darkness, bitter wine turns sweet and fragrant. May this open wound of absence overflow with its own starry rivers, breathing into the marrow and surface of your life all the sweetness and golden fire that a great love deserves.


    1. This has to be the most poetic comment I’ve ever received. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for reading my work. I appreciate it a lot.


  4. Suffice is to say, “you’ve melted” — every unheard truth, every treaured memory, every silent prayer and, every vein in my ‘red chambers’ — merging them all with the red flow that forever endures the power of a ‘present absence’ — giving meaning to each breath swirling in the chest like a never ending storm.
    Noora, you melt with your poetry! How, every single time??


    1. I am always deeply touched by your profound and heartwarming words, my friend. They encourage me on my journey. Thank you for reading and feeling my words.


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