Under My Skin

Nearly two months on WordPress. I am deeply touched by your love and encouragement. Thank you (145 times).

This is my first poem on WP – for no specific reason. I just wanted to test how “re-blogging” works.  I also slightly edited the original.

I have two really important deadlines approaching, but I’ll try to get something new posted soon. I’m not going anywhere, and I will definitely enjoy your work during my writing and editing breaks.

Hope you all have a wonderful, inspiring week. Happy writing!!

There is
An unforgettable story
Under my skin
To be told

A poetic masterpiece
We outlined
While our lips
Melted together
In a sensuous surrender

Powerfully devouring
We became one
In heart, body and soul

Your smile
Found a home
On my lips
The infinity
Of your eyes
Stole my breath

As we traveled
To the heights
We had never
Experienced before

There is
A devastating story
Within my heart
To be released

A fairytale
We dreamt and lived
On a journey
To a destination
Where we never arrived

© Noora (2012)

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2 thoughts on “Under My Skin

  1. Gorgeous work Noora…. Exacting to see your header photo as a companion to this piece (love the shot)! Congratulations on 2 months on board here! I wish you all wonderful things ahead! 💖RL


    1. Thank you so much dear Robyn! WP is a wonderful community. I am truly moved by the love and support pouring in from such talented and inspiring poets, writers and artists – including you. xx


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