(under the magnifying glass)

Between the sunset
And a breaking dawn

Bare and exposed
Covered only
With the scars and stretch marks
Precious beauty spots
My journey has left me with

At its finest

Verses written
Not to glorify
Nor to stay
But to leave
Poetic footprints

Once naked sighs
Between searching lips
Beautiful ballads

Once intertwined silhouettes
Of the two souls
Memorable scenery

For me
For anyone
Who cares
To welcome
My truth
Into their hearts

Take off
Your magnifying glass
Put away
Your microscope
You will only discover
What you think is there

Observe my reality
With an open mind
And perhaps
You’ll hear
The lyrics
My quiet heart
Truly sings

Bare and exposed
Between the sunset
And a breaking dawn

© Noora (2013)

Photograph: © Teija

38 thoughts on “Vulnerability

  1. And what you beautiful lyrics does your heart sing… Blessed be your vulnerability, the love that wounds, the love that blesses, the love that lifts us to the altar of the sun, weaving us into pure poetry.


  2. This is a truly exquisite poem Noora ~ so much here…but these words stayed with me:
    “You will only discover
    What you think is there” Very powerful ~

    … this piece would make a beautiful song! 🙂 x RL


    1. The light you shine inspires me. I’m still in awe of “Lonicera Japonica”, “Fervor”, “Embody” and many other poetic gems. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it – a lot!


  3. This is beautiful. It doesn’t matter who you write for or the reason – writing is personal, thus none of my business. What I enjoy and respect is the beauty of your words and the meaning I interpret behind them. Thank you for posting.


    1. Thank you so much for reading. I agree with you, but I just had to post that comment for personal reasons. I look forward to your new poem! xx


  4. Oh Noora, why does your words tugs at the heart each time I sit down to read them — forcing me to go back to a time when “churning red things churned” and burning red feelings burned? Again, you have penned this so beautifully.

    And I absolutely can relate to the words spoke here about your “muse”… These selfless offerings of “oneself” to a “nothing” of a “once everything” is a thought that truly familiar to the heart. In the “absence” what flows through the pen truly is what we have become of “a once absence”… I bow my head to you for your loyal heart, filled with none but an unconditional love. It is where we only can and know to breath not matter how far we move on in life!

    I wish you nothing but more fluid light, dear Noora.


  5. “Echoes
    Once naked sighs
    Between searching lips”
    naked sighs!! Awesome.
    I love how the poem starts and ends with the same verse.


  6. Noora, this is one of the finest I have read..

    “Bare and exposed
    Covered only
    With the scars and stretch marks
    Precious beauty spots
    My journey has left me with”

    It speaks so highly of you. A heart that holds the journey in such high regard and so selflessly.. *smiles with a renewed respect*
    May your journey be a blessed one!
    Will be here again to listen to echoes with a keen ear.. Your heart’s songs are a delight !
    ~ Love, M


    1. Dear M, thank you so much for your beautiful words. I am so happy that you have decided to join me on my journey. Happy to hear you enjoy my “echoes and reflections”. Love, light and smiles, – Noora


  7. Reblogged this on Echoes and Reflections and commented:

    I found this gorgeous photograph by the lovely, talented Teija. I thought it might go well with “Vulnerability”. I apologize for the long delay in posting and reading. I’ll try to get something posted next week. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Love and light, Noora


    1. Me too! I know Robyn is taking a break, but I have no idea what happened to “Silent Fingers”. I miss her masterpieces hugely. Come back, SF!! 🙂


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