I remember the ships
Sailed by me
How my light
Guided their journey
Held them gently
In the evening fog
Offered them faith
In the storm
Yet no one ever stayed

They have sailed
On the sea
Of endless possibilities
But no one has ever
To tell
Whether they discovered
A safe haven
Or are they still
Hoping and waiting
For a miracle
Like my soul today

I often recall
Their names
And tales
And I wonder
If they
Still remember me
The moments we shared
The dreams we dreamt

Bittersweet waves
Crash and fall
Yet I stand still
Heart anchored
Eyes on the horizon
Still waiting
Still hoping
To be someone’s destination


© Noora (07/2013)

Edit: Picture changed 1/2015



Until the moment
Turns into nostalgia
Two poets speak
Without words

Your mere glance
Expresses emotions
I could only dream of capturing
With plain letters

Your silent smile
Rests on my lips
You wear my love
On yours

The silence
Is our only witness
When our hearts vow
Without metaphors or similes

and the way
Your hand searches for mine
In the stillness of the night
… wordless poetry.

© Noora


A weary heart hides
Within the shadows of ebony
Still waiting for the pianist
To place her fingertips
On the ivory keys
And pierce
The deafening silence
Of an unwhispered goodbye
With a melody that a heart
Wishes to hear
In order to sing again

Unspoken words haunt me
I will listen to them
I will interpret them
I will cherish them
They will eventually heal me
When I learn
How to compose music
Out of silence

© Noora

Dance with Me

Re-blogging one of my very first posts. A poem I was working on last night reminded me of this piece. I’ll be back to post and read soon. Please bear with me 🙂 Hope you’re all having a fantastic week. – Noora

Dance with Me
(just one slow waltz)

My love,
Take my shaking hand
And dance with me
For good times’ sake

Wrap your arms
Around my quivering body
And glide with me
In a sensual rhythm

Allow your heart sing
One last serenade
With mine

Taste a final poem
From my lips
And let me breathe you in
Once more

Let’s close
This unfinished chapter
With whispers
That only we
Can hear

Let’s celebrate us
It is time to change

Dance with me
Just one

© Noora (2012)

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