I remember the ships
Sailed by me
How my light
Guided their journey
Held them gently
In the evening fog
Offered them faith
In the storm
Yet no one ever stayed

They have sailed
On the sea
Of endless possibilities
But no one has ever
To tell
Whether they discovered
A safe haven
Or are they still
Hoping and waiting
For a miracle
Like my soul today

I often recall
Their names
And tales
And I wonder
If they
Still remember me
The moments we shared
The dreams we dreamt

Bittersweet waves
Crash and fall
Yet I stand still
Heart anchored
Eyes on the horizon
Still waiting
Still hoping
To be someone’s destination


© Noora (07/2013)

Edit: Picture changed 1/2015

52 thoughts on “Lighthouse

  1. It’s been nearly four months since I moved my blog to WordPress: 220 WP followers, 450 comments and almost 5 000 views. I’m grateful and astonished. Thank you so much for your visits, endless encouragement, inspiration, “likes” and comments! I appreciate them very much.

    I apologize for the short delay in reading/posting. I had a project to finish and I also celebrated my birthday last week.

    I decided to post something I drafted in Crete. I may edit it later, but for now, I feel like it is time to set it free.

    The picture is mine. I took it on my morning walk to the old lighthouse in Chania. Poseidon was in a playful mood; I was hit by a huge wave – twice! Don’t ask. lol. The 443 year old gorgeous lighthouse was beyond impressive and inspiring.

    Hope you all have a fantastic week.
    I’m taking the rest of the day off to read your work.

    – Noora


    1. Your blog is a favorite with me. Your writing is great, and in general, I think I just like you. You have a good energy that comes across. It’s friendly over here. [smile] ~ Bill


    1. Me too! I was very lonely on Blogger. lol. WordPress is a wonderful community – filled with beautiful souls and inspiring writers like you, Skye. Hugs back at you.


  2. Gorgeous – simply gorgeous. I wish you a happy, happy birthday and many, many more – which of course means many, many more lovely pieces written by you:)


  3. First of all, a belated Happy birthday to you! I wish you all the best,prettiest and nothing but happiness and good times!
    I loved your photo, the way you captured the wave. It was very brave and artistic, and you did not give up even after being hit by waves twice! The sight and the scenery were well worth it tho, I’d say.
    I loved your poem as well, the rhytm and sentiments of it There is just something about lighthouses that I can identify with.


    1. Thank you, Oloriel. Oh, I wasn’t trying to take a pic when I got hit by the wave… it was another funny incident. This photo is not a masterpiece, but I like it. I just snap pics with a basic digital camera. I took 850 pics in Crete though. :))


  4. Its something so soothing and calming to read about the ships and the reflections in the water. People sail in our lives like passing boats, in order to leave ripples, like reminders for us.
    Beautifully written.


  5. Belated Happy Birthday Noora, may you stay blessed to inspire beauty, love and joy in others through your writing and otherwise. my warmest wishes. and this. why did this end?


  6. I love the last verse, esp “heart anchored.” This was a moving read. Congrats on your birthday and blog achievements. Here’s to 5 000 more! 🙂


  7. Noora, our poetry is always one of my favorite destinations, i might be a little late but i will never forget. such a bittersweet serenity in this poem, and i truly wish we could all find home. your photograph has that old, blurry kodachrome look to it that really lends itself so perfectly to the old soul in the lighthouse.

    {{{ h u g s }}} and *smiles* to you Noora and Happy Birthday!


          1. Many, many thanks Noora. That means a lot. My desire is to support every individual to embrace the healing power of processing the vicissitudes of life through poetry not as a skill but as a birth rite. A gift that to unwrap only requires an open heart. I would love to hear how clearly that is communicated for you. Get well soon


  8. Reblogged this on Echoes and Reflections and commented:

    Just reblogging “Lighthouse” with a NEW picture from my second trip to Crete last summer. It was an unforgettable experience and I can’t wait to go back – again and again. I’ll post a new poem or two hopefully next week, but I’m going to start reading your work and replying to your lovely comments immediately. Hope you all have an inspiring weekend. – Noora


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