When my journey
Takes me to
My final shore
What will I leave behind

Miles of memories
Fragments of beauty
Embers of hope
Or mere dust

Will I fade away
Like a star
On the grieving sky
Or vanish
Like a dewdrop
In the warmth

My footprints
Will be washed away
By the emerging tide
Filled in
By the rushing water
But will they remember
Where I once walked

© Noora

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time”André Gide.

That’s true. And, one does not discover their self without consenting to look beyond the present. …more in a comment.


Walk with me
Where wildflowers bloom

Lie beside me
Beneath the irresistible sky
Point out
The constellations
You wish to fly to
I will take you there

The star chart is printed
On your skin
I will trace
My fingertips
Across the beauty
I read like braille


At the loveliest places
In order to forget
The world
But never you

Until the wildflowers
Begin to wither
In summer’s farewell

Walk with me
Where all our journeys end

© Noora