28 thoughts on “Déjà vu

  1. Message/update to my dear WP friends: I’m sorry for the delay in posting. I’m suffering from a bad case of a “writer’s block”. This piece is a “fragment” from my journal. Love and light to all of you, Noora


  2. What a lovely fragment. This is short and sweet like a snowflake’s journey. Hope you feel better and your muse returns soon. Prayers still coming your way, dear Nora.


    1. It’s not her, it’s me. lol. My muse hasn’t disappeared. I have plenty of unfinished poems, but I can’t seem to finish them. I don’t feel them! Hopefully, I’ll be able to get something written soon. This is frustrating. Otherwise, I need to start going through my archives. Thank you for your thoughts, Kimberly.


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