If I had only one poem left to write

one memorable scene
one life-altering moment
one indescribable phenomenon
one special feeling

one unforgettable touch
one memory to immortalize
one melody to recall
one word to whisper

A journey filled with the heart’s indefinable yearning – completed.
The mystery of faded sunsets, the beauty of tomorrow’s dawn – defined
in your beaming eyes – inviting me to dance – in them
Fearlessly – I surrender.

The mist of your breath lingers on my neck, kisses –like tiny tornadoes – still caress my skin
from miles away; I read aloud – your favorite poem – the one that always lulls you to safe slumber.
Half-asleep you murmur our cherished phrases – in my language – and I whisper back:


© Noora

This is not a new poem. I was just going through some of my older writings and decided that there’s absolutely no reason NOT to share them. As much as I enjoy “the now” and anticipate tomorrow; I am very thankful for yesterday. That’s all.

Edited: oh no, the first two lines in last verse were too long for this layout. I have to see if there’s anything I could do about it. The last verse doesn’t look good.

Update: Looks like it’s only messed up on the front page. If you click the title – it appears as it should. 🙂

44 thoughts on “Aina

  1. This is so cleverly written and most of all beautiful poem. I love it how the lines of the stanzas match. I had to use google translator for the title. I assume you mean “immer” 😀


  2. I thought “Aina” was a female name until I googled it. I have to agree with Sarah’s comment on how creative work this is. It’s brilliant how the lines complement each other. I get a feeling that this is very personal poem to you. I felt each word.


    1. Thank you, Céline . It is – they are all very personal to me. Actually, Aina is also a female name in Finland – although very rare these days. I’m glad you liked the “form” of the poem.


  3. For some reason, this provoked in me such intimacy towards the book that sits in our stomach and whose pages we flip. I am very glad you decided to share this and I enjoyed reading it very much.


  4. Oh wow! This is such a stunning poem, talks to my heart.. Coincidentally this word “Aina” is circling inside my mind from couple of days and I was amazed to admire the beauty it carries. I absolutely love this word.


    1. You’ve heard the word before? It’s one of my favorites. Thank you for reading. It’s wonderful to know this piece spoke to your heart. Have a fantastic weekend, Neeraj.


    1. Thank you for reading, Scott. I am a huge fan of your work – hope to read something new from you soon. In Finnish (my first language) “aina” means “always/evermore” – to me, it means so much more. It’s a very special word to me. It was so interesting to find out that it means “land” in Hawaiian.


  5. I melted reading that, I really did. love it, as usual noora 🙂 ahh gotta love this space!

    Aina as in mirror, right? always wanted to ask you about your name and origin too, its been on my mind since day 1 😀 Noora as in Noor?..light?


    1. … and my heart smiles that YOU liked it, Himani. I appreciate your feedback. “Aina” means always/evermore in Finnish. My first name (Noora) is a common name in Finland. I’ve been told it means “light” (noor) in Arabic. 🙂


  6. Nomen est omen, Noora. Your heart is filled with unconditional love, compassion and light. I have a deep respect for people who cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow and live the now and you’re one of them. You are a true blessing in my world.


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