Dear Rumi

One of the things I love about poetry is that it is timeless! Today, I’m sharing Karen’s incredibly beautiful tribute to Rumi. Karen is an amazing poet herself. If you’re not following her already – you really should. Karen’s work never ceases to amaze and inspire me!




Dear Rumi,

Centuries later,

You have made me cry,

For I too have been here since the dawn of time,

Absorbing essence of light and dark, soil and sky,

But the word,

Your words,

Read from ancient scrolls

Left me bleeding with the thorns of roses wanting more,

Pleading for the universe to make my words eternal,

For my passion, like yours, to last forever,

In hunger, in longing, in forgiveness and in letting go,

To carry this heavy burden of love, in beauty,

Like you,

A brilliant flower garden in the cyclical budding of time,

In grief, and in joy,

for all the universe to hear and feel and love,

That timeless heartbeat aching to be free

Yet wanting to be captured

By her, by me, by infinite melody.


For Noora, Who Inspires,

Karen K.L. Espaniola,  January 26, 2014



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Roots IntertwinedMaybe we were trees
In our former life

Side by side
Roots deeply tangled
Branches barely touching
And when the Moon
Performed its sonata
Our leaves sang
The same melody

Found a safe haven
From our shelter

Seasons changed
People changed
Yet we were always
Growing together
In love and beauty
Side by side

Perhaps then
We decided that
We would be poets
In this life
Growing together
In love and beauty

Seasons have changed
People have changed
And even we are no longer the same

Our roots still lie
In a fertile soil

© Noora (2014)

Image source: Pinterest/several random websites. I wish I knew who took this picture. I hope they don’t mind me using it.


In all of my
I am strong

Formed by
Fragments of
Beauty and passion
Tragedy and loss
Fear and pain
Love and hope

A compilation
A recreation
Like a mosaic

And when
Cast your light
Upon me
I shine

© Noora (2014)

Mosaics aren’t made by trying to put the broken pieces back together as if they had never been shattered. The beauty of mosaics lies in the endless possibilities. You’re the artist of your life – create a masterpiece!

This short piece poured out of me today. It’s dedicated to my friends. Thank you for lighting up my life & helping me to shine!
– Noora


Three hundred
Sunsets later

My lips
Still feel
The absence
Of yours

My skin
Still quivers
From where your
Fevered fingertips
When your scent
With mine
And your eyes
A perpetual fire

The distance
Still reminds me of
How I kissed
The gentle messenger
Until it unveiled
Your days
With my whispers
Silently lingering
In its rays

The stillness
Still remembers
A million minute journey
Filled with
The melody
Of your soul
When only a day
Without your voice
Felt like a lifetime
Without music

And with these
Hesitant and vulnerable
Yet truthful verses
I am


More than you
Could ever
Be mine again

Three hundred
Sunsets later

© Noora (03/2013)

It’s time to post one of yesteryear’s poems while focusing on the new material. I wrote this piece nearly a year ago. It was one of those moments when memories surround you without warning, and you have no other choice than write… in order to free yourself.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend.
Happy writing!!
– Noora

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