Three hundred
Sunsets later

My lips
Still feel
The absence
Of yours

My skin
Still quivers
From where your
Fevered fingertips
When your scent
With mine
And your eyes
A perpetual fire

The distance
Still reminds me of
How I kissed
The gentle messenger
Until it unveiled
Your days
With my whispers
Silently lingering
In its rays

The stillness
Still remembers
A million minute journey
Filled with
The melody
Of your soul
When only a day
Without your voice
Felt like a lifetime
Without music

And with these
Hesitant and vulnerable
Yet truthful verses
I am


More than you
Could ever
Be mine again

Three hundred
Sunsets later

© Noora (03/2013)

It’s time to post one of yesteryear’s poems while focusing on the new material. I wrote this piece nearly a year ago. It was one of those moments when memories surround you without warning, and you have no other choice than write… in order to free yourself.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend.
Happy writing!!
– Noora

38 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Perfection, as always! Happy New Year, Dear Noora. I am so glad my 2014 will contain you as my friend. Big hugs sent your way!!


  2. You are beautiful,and letting go is a courageous thing to do! As always, I love your work. Let us make this a year of courageous writing 🙂 Love, Light, Beauty, Passion, and Courage.


    1. … and I love that you love my poems! That’s a huge compliment coming from a beautiful poet I admire. Well, you KNOW I’ll be “writing like no one is reading”. ha ha. I’m so glad that our paths have crossed, Karen 🙂


  3. Thank you for being brave and sharing your hearts truth, N. “Three hundred sunsets”, “million minutes”, “a lifetime without music” beautifully penned. I admire the way you view life


    1. Thank YOU for reading, S! Glad you liked it. Reading/sharing my old work and looking at my past from a new perspective is an interesting journey for me too. Happy New Year – hope it’s filled with beauty and passion. x


  4. You’re poem touched my longing heart. I love how it begins and ends with the same lines. Fevered fingertips and perpetual fire is mindblowing 😀 A million minutes journey. How cool is that.


    1. Thank you for reading and feeling it, Celine. I appreciate your comments very much. “Million minutes” sounds better than “One million and two hundred thousand minutes”… lol!


  5. How I kissed
    The gentle messenger
    Until it unveiled
    Your days
    With my whispers
    Silently lingering
    In its rays

    Beautiful poetry, dear Noora
    Hope your new year has started off sweetly.


    1. Thank you, Kimberly! My year has started off great. Hope this year brings you many unforgettable moments to cherish in the future. Have a fantastic week, my friend.


  6. I absolutely love this!! Have been missing from WP for a long while. It is quite refreshing to read your work. You have a passionate relationship with words, of which is rare.

    As always, thank you for sharing your unique and beautiful gift. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for thinking of me, “redgladiola”! WP is such a great community and it’s truly my pleasure to read your wonderful work. I’m glad you’ve found my comments/words encouraging – that warms my heart.


  7. Noora, this is pure poignant passion….this piece is so gorgeous…and I think speaks to everyone at one point or another in their lives…that is pure talent sweet friend…truly!!


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