I am the selfish moonlight
That sneaks in
Through your unguarded window
Caresses your still form
Your demanding skin
With quiet devotion

I am the longing moonlight
That dances aimlessly
Across your
Sensitive pathways and
Slumbering hills
Leaving a trail of
Anonymous kisses
Trembling on your shore

And when the innocent sun
Wakes up to paint your canvas
With rosy reds and silky scenery
I retreat to my hiding place
Until the darkness falls

© Noora



I’m sorry for the long delay in posting. I’ve been either too busy or too inspired to write. :)) I have lots of drafts waiting to be finished though. After receiving an email from a devoted reader, I decided to post something. I’ll try to post another poem soon.

Hope you all have a beautiful, inspiring and productive week!
Love, light, and laughter!
– Noora