Hope you all have an inspiring week, filled with love, laughter and good madness!

Roots IntertwinedMaybe we were trees
In our former life

Side by side
Roots deeply tangled
Branches barely touching
And when the Moon
Performed its sonata
Our leaves sang
The same melody

Found a safe haven
From our shelter

Seasons changed
People changed
Yet we were always
Growing together
In love and beauty
Side by side

Perhaps then
We decided that
We would be poets
In this life
Growing together
In love and beauty

Seasons have changed
People have changed
And even we are no longer the same

Our roots still lie
In a fertile soil

Β© Noora (2014)

Image source: Pinterest/several random websites. I wish I knew who took this picture. I hope they don’t mind me using it.

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16 thoughts on “Rebirth

  1. This is so beautiful Noora, and so are you! πŸ™‚
    I love the idea of being trees! And the part about the leaves singing the same melody of the moon’s sonata makes me smile.
    Such a wonderful piece…


  2. One of my favorites!!! I love tree’s so much it’s ridiculous really I cry when I see those huge bold x’s on them. The imagery in this poem is powerful and beatiful. being interconnected to another living being for all of life. I love seeing tree’s grow together because they have been together for so long that the share the same cork cambian

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