Between the Lines

Between the Lines

Just as a touch is never
Merely physical
A poem is never
The bare verses
You absorb

It is what is hidden
The lines

Warm and shivering syllables
Hesitation and ache
Desperate gasps of air

The ultimate truth
In the silences
Between words



© Noora (November 5th, 2014)

I’ve been on a long break from work, yet I haven’t finished a single poem. Okay, I blame the UEFA Euro2016 tournament. lol.

Inspiration can be found anywhere/everywhere, but sadly I don’t feel my work at the moment. I need to give it more time. In order to continue writing/blogging, I’ve decided to start sharing unposted poems from 2009 to 2015 – no matter if I like them or not. Ha ha.

Peace & inspiration,

– Noora

Image credits: © Teija/moodphoto.

26 thoughts on “Between the Lines

    1. Thanks, Brad! I wrote it more than 1,5 years ago. Actually, I was writing something completely different and noticed that my ultimate message/truth was buried somewhere between the lines. I deleted the draft and this piece was born. Sending inspiration your way!

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  1. Noora this is wonderful , I don’t need to tell you how much I love your poetry “Warm and shivering syllables” what a line , Love this.

    I agree with you that inspiration can be found anywhere/everywhere but l assume like yourself you cannot force poetry, it has to come naturally and from the heart.

    I’m not inspired at the moment too, so I have decided to finish a story I have had in my head for two years. I am enjoying the progress of developing the plot , the characters. The editing .I’m doing it just to see if I can write a story and also the fun of it.

    Anyways some more of your older poetry please

    Take Care
    Fin x

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    1. Thank you so much, Fin! I always appreciate your feedback and thoughts.

      No, you cannot force poetry… As a freelance journalist/writer, I live in the world of deadlines and scheduled writing/creativity, and that IS the most uninspiring state. :-/

      So excited to hear about your story! Good luck with it!!

      I used to avoid posting older poetry, but perhaps they’re all meant to be set free…

      Have a great day!
      N x

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