Memory Lane

When no one but the passing time is listening,
I occasionally shout out the words of longing.
When the confused sky is my only witness,
I wander down the path of hazy memories –
that’s where we bump into each other
and linger in something
that was too hopeless to last –
yet too rare to ever fully disappear.

© Noora (2016)

32 thoughts on “Memory Lane

    1. I’ve been trying to keep my poems short lately. It’s a bit challenging for me sometimes. This piece came pouring out and I didn’t want to edit it too much. Thanks for the comment. I truly appreciate your support. ❤


    1. Ha ha, that’s the story of my life! Thanks, Brad, I loved your comment! Pretty inspiring one, tbh. There is just a thin line between hope and hopelessness. Wishing you a week filled with inspiration.

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    1. I’m usually a slow writer and I could edit my poems until the end of time. These words just poured out of me. Tbh, I didn’t plan to write about longing and the outcome kind of surprised me. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment, Amy Rose! It means the world to me. Hope your week is filled with love, laughter and inspiration.

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      1. Sometimes, Noora, the words seem to just pour forth. That is real inspiration. I prefer it that way then struggling over words and getting all twisted up in frustration. I usually don’t write unless I flow. I really enjoyed this one!!! 🙂 ❤

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  1. I return to your site now and then to see if you have started to write again, and find myself once again here on the Lane, and as you said, it has not fully disappeared. Best regards —CC


  2. With ‘nostalgic feet’ I stepped in to see your poetic world, dear Nora. And it left me breathless! Your poetry has become finer and finer..

    Hope you are filled with light and life, Nora.


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