I wish…

Sirens by the Sea

I wish
I could
From your touch
Like a snowflake
Into its warm
Resting place
Leaving shivers
Of beauty
In its wake

I wish
I could
Into your melody
An undying piece
Of music
That will never

I wish
I could
Your touch
Your melody
I am nothing
But a mute

You are
The voice
In my world
Of music

© Noora (03/2015)

I wrote this piece while waiting for my muse to fly back to me. Some of you may recognize the first verse – I recycled it from my old piece: “Déjà vu” (October, 2013) – it never felt finished to me.

Image: Victor Karlovich Schtembergand (1863-1921), Sirens by the Sea.
I found this extraordinary painting from Aquileana’s intriguing and inspiring blog!


When my journey
Takes me to
My final shore
What will I leave behind

Miles of memories
Fragments of beauty
Embers of hope
Or mere dust

Will I fade away
Like a star
On the grieving sky
Or vanish
Like a dewdrop
In the warmth

My footprints
Will be washed away
By the emerging tide
Filled in
By the rushing water
But will they remember
Where I once walked

© Noora

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time”André Gide.

That’s true. And, one does not discover their self without consenting to look beyond the present. …more in a comment.