Roots IntertwinedMaybe we were trees
in our former life

side by side
roots deeply tangled
branches barely touching
and when the Moon
performed its sonata
our leaves sang
the same melody

found a safe haven
from our shelter

Seasons changed
people changed
yet we were always
growing together
in love and beauty
side by side

Perhaps then
we decided that
we would be poets
in this life
growing together
in love and beauty

seasons have changed
people have changed
and even we are no longer the same

Our roots still lie
In fertile soil

© Noora (2014)

Image source: Pinterest/several random websites. I wish I knew who took this picture. I hope they don’t mind me using it.


Alone in the afterglow
lying here
in our memories

how it felt to be
an inspiration
for your creative fingertips
how I melted
like soft clay
in the hands
of a dedicated sculptor
as you made me
your secret masterpiece
and yours alone
I still am
in the afterglow
of our love

how it felt to unfold you
with my love
one layer at a time
how my hopeful lips stole your breath
and made it ours
in the kiss of truths and expectations

and still tonight
I breathe our love
when I escape to the place
where yesterday’s spark
still flames
where unwritten poems
Sensuously moan
where you stay
with me
in the afterglow

© Noora